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Definition : Zingage

Zinc is widely used for protecting steel by increasing its resistance to corrosion. A layer of zinc is applied by hot-dip galvanizing or by electrolytic means. Galvanizing accounts for about 40% of the world's zinc consumption.

"Zinc coating" is a general expression meaning the application of a zinc coating to steel.

There are various methods of zinc coating :

  • Electrolytic zinc coating (electrogalvanizing or zinc plating) :

Steel articles are placed in a solution of zinc salts. A continuous current is applied and a layer of zinc is deposited on the surface of the steel. The entire external surface may be coated in this way. The shape of the article to be coated determines the variation in the thickness of the zinc, and therefore its resistance to corrosion.

Zinc or a zinc-aluminium alloy, in the form of wire or powder, supplies a metallization spray gun in which the metal is melted by a flame or an electric arc. The liquid metal is then turned into a spray using compressed air and projected onto the steel surface to be protected, which had been prepared by shot blasting. The latter is required to obtain the roughness necessary for the coating to adhere. In general, the surface of metallized products has to be covered by a paint finish that includes at least one coat of sealant.

  • Zinc coating by immersion in molten zinc, or galvanizing :

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