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GALVA UNION News in video

Topics covered in this magazine No. 25 – June 2017


  • An artist who makes the metal vibrate

Welcome to the 25th issue of the magazine of the Galva Union group.

Theme 1 - GALVA SUD OUEST Assets

Latest technology, process control and respect for the environment are the main assets of GALVA SUD OUEST.
Welcome GALVA SUD OUEST, An almost new plant which as a specialist in treating corrosion of the Bordeaux region and nearby departments, welcomes guests and visitors.
After more than 5 years of important work without interruption of service, the Galva Union group company proudly displays the result of their investments:

- Control of the process integrated in the Group's exclusive control network.
- Capture and filtration of fumes from the galvanization.
- Improving safety for all.

With passivation, GALVA SUD OUEST goes beyond the fight against white moisture and rust, avoiding customer complaints due to these defects, usually generated during storage.

Therefore, with services increasingly adapted to quality control, GALVA SUD OUEST supports its customers, professionals and individuals with the best assets.

Theme 2 - An artist who makes the metal vibrate

It was in her studio in St. Remy de Chevreuse where we met Isabelle Fauve-Piot, of scientific formation at the base, this artist was the first ceramist after 3 years in the School of Fine Arts of Versailles, and chose to work the steel.
From end to end, the steel bars are 3m in length, it is worked by cutting, expanding, welding, in a continuous search for balance and maturation of the work.

To date, Isabelle Fauve-Piot has galvanized 2 sculptures in GALVA 45, a company of the Galva Union Group.