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GALVA UNION News of June 2016 in video

Themes covered in this magazine n° 24 - June 2016

  • GALVALENCE, The main galvanizing plant in southern France, is being renovated

  • Viaur Viaduct

Welcome to the 24th issue of the magazine of the Galva Union group

Theme 1 - GALVALENCE, the main galvanizing plant in the south of France, is being renovated

For 10 years GALVALENCE has been involved in an important industrial investment plan, which makes it the main galvanizing plant in the south of France.
The galvanizing process facilities have been renovated. Control of the process integrated in the Group's exclusive control network, allowing the continuous monitoring of the parameters of surface treatment and thus better control the level of quality delivered to the customers.
The safety of employees and visitors was strengthened in the areas of production and circulation.
Respect for the environment is materialized in the capture and filtration of the fumes generated in the galvanization, in addition to the energy savings generated by the new high speed furnace

GALVALENCE pretend to be the reference plant for the south of France, endowed with the best assets to accompany its clients in its development.

Theme 2 – Viaur Viaduct

The Viaur Viaduct is a dizzying railway engineering structure completed in 1902 that crosses the Viaur valley between Rodez and Albi. As it is not originally galvanized, it is necessary to repaint it regularly to protect it from oxidation. An impressive construction that is currently in bare steel, in the process of removal of paint that may contain asbestos and re-paint this historic monument.

To carry out this work safely, a framework of more than 1,000 tons of scaffolding parts is needed. As they are galvanized, the scaffolds can be reused in other works, performing their function of protecting workers for a long time.