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Transport, Logistics and Storage


The GALVA UNION group companies have established logistics services to make life easier for their clients through organizing pick-up and delivery of parts to be galvanized or powder-coated.

Drawing upon the FRET ECLAIR fleet of nearly 40 trucks and 60 tarpaulin trailers, platforms or crane platforms, along with the transportation services proposed at specific sites, our logistics teams offer several benefits:

  • Regular shuttles serving geographical areas up to several times a day - flexibility and competitive prices through consolidation

  • The organisation of freight transport operated directly by the carrier for ungrouped batches

Several of the group’s sites offer the possibility of loading 20 foot or 40 foot flat, open top or crate containers for France and for export.

Fret Transport


The sites examine indoor and outdoor storage solutions when requested by customers, on a temporary basis to meet the challenges of a particular project, or on a permanent basis for workflow management.