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DECOCEAN powder coating

DECOCEAN powder coating is a duplex treatment from the GALVA UNION Group.

Through investing in DECOCEAN, a reference model in "anti corrosion + powder coating" , treatments, you will obtain a surface which is guaranteed in extreme conditions.

 powder coating DECOCEAN

6 essential phases:

DECOCEAN powder coating comprises 6 essential phases:

  • 1. De-oxidise the zinc through chemical pickling (mechanical pickling is recommended)

  • 2. Rinse the part to be treated fully

  • 3. Extract gas (high temperature)

  • 4. Protect the zinc underneath the paint by film-forming conversion (> 1000 hours in Salt Spray)

  • 5. “Chemical barrier”: application of a layer underneath the powder-coated

  • 6. Apply the finishing layer through powder coating

DECOCEAN allows you to benefit from all the advantages of powder coating, even in difficult environments.

 powder coating DECOCEAN