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Surface treatment and Sustainable Development

durable et ecologique
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Our Services

Hot dip galvanizing metal provides protection of a life of several décennies.Le zinc is recyclable. It comes from nature and can be reused indefinitely, while retaining its properties. Naturally present in air, water and soil, it is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products especially for its nutritional properties.

Our sites have been engaged for many years a policy of substitution and elimination of substances involved in their processes could have an impact on health and the environment. This translates today to sites powder coating the exclusive use of powder-free Cov, TGIC, Lead and Chromium VI free treatment.

bain de galvanisation

European UnionMTD
(Best Available Techniques)

bilan carbone

Our Processes

We gradually implementing best available techniques to minimize the impact of our activities on the water, air, energy consumption, waste volumes generated , s and their treatment processes.

Our releases to air and water are regularly reviewed and monitored in accordance with the regulations Classified Installations for environmental protection (ICPE).

Our sites have made ​​their Bilan Carbone ®. This method allows to estimate the volume of gas generated by greenhouse all activities of each company. Knowing the volume of CO ² per kilogram generated and / or square meter of steel processed and transported, GALVA UNION works to reduce its environmental footprint.

Certifications Veritas

Our Organization

Leader in its sector to obtain for all of its sites, the triple certification Quality Safety Environment, GALVA UNION relies on its integrated management system using tools improve the , improvement continues to set and achieve ambitious goals in terms of environmental and safety.

Our Commitment

Our approach is in progress the various targets eco-construction of the repository "Building Environmental Quality ®". It is a commitment that we have already put in service and shared with some of our clients on many of their achievements HQE ®.

Relying on partners (galvanizing, coating and thermal transport) ISO9001/14001 and OHSAS18001 certified, GALVA UNION implements a die "eco-responsible" in the service of its customers.