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Shot-blasting and metalizing


The aim of sand or shot blasting is to strip down substrates made of steel, cast steel or aluminium through the projection of a metal shot or mineral abrasive.

This operation is defined by the ISO 8504/2/2000 standard, which ranks the treated substrate according to three quality levels: DSa 2, DSa 2.5 or DSa 3, depending on the type of painted coating subsequently applied and the guarantees provided.

The provision of sandblasting is essential for a successful metalizing process. It can be effective and is used in some cases in stripping painted parts or castings.


Our strengths

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  • Suitable maintenance equipment for handling heavy loads

  • Very short timeframes


Metalizing with pure zinc or a zinc-aluminium alloy, sometimes called schooping, provides corrosion protection for all types of steel or cast iron.

Its ease of implementation and the technical performance of this method make this an attractive option economically.

It is sometimes used as a substitute for galvanising for parts with large dimensions, complex geometry or potential risk of deformation.

During metalizing, zinc, which is melted by the flame or spray gun arc, binds with the steel or cast iron, which has been previously stripped by shot-blasting at level Dsa 3 (ISO 8501-1).


This service is defined by the NF EN 22063/ISO 2063 standard, along with the NF P 24-351 standard for the coating thickness in accordance with the environment to which the part will be exposed. The thickness applied will determine the lifespan of the anti-corrosion coating

Preparation by shot-blasting is necessary prior to metalizing.

Metalizing, or schooping, should be distinguished from a service often described as powder metalizing, since the latter actually refers to a zinc primer sometimes applied to parts which have not been shot-blasted.

References for work carried out

  • Sun breakers, Toulouse Media library

  • Posts and structural framework, VULCANIA

  • Fencing, Gerland stadium, LYON

  • Many examples of urban furniture