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Definition : Galvanization

The three most common procedures for the application of a zinc coating to a steel article are galvanization, metallization and electro zinc coating (EZC). The term "galvanization" is used in the sense of hot-dip galvanizing and covers two different techniques :

  • batch hot-dip galvanizing of finished articles

  • continuous galvanizing of steel sheets or wire

Continuous galvanizing of sheets (using thermal and electrolytic procedures) account for 60 % of the zinc used in galvanization. The main sectors are the automobile industry for vehicle bodies and the building industry for cladding, roofing, heating and ventilation ducts etc. Continuous galvanizing thermal procedures are also used on steel wire.

Galvanization after manufacture accounts for 40 % of the zinc used in galvanizing industry. The main sectors using this technique are the building industry (roofing structures, balconies, cable trays, grating, concrete reinforcing bars etc.), street furniture (safety barriers, lighting columns, fencing etc. ), automobile (suspension parts, engine cradles, vehicle structures), energy (electricity and telecommunication pylons), agriculture (greenhouses and conservatories, equipment for rearing livestock, food-processing equipment and machinery etc.)

One of GALVA UNION's specialities is hot-dip galvanizing.