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Why should we galvanize

Hot-dip galvanizing provides outstanding protection against corrosion.

The industrial process consists in immersing steel parts in a bath of molten zinc at 450°C, following meticulous surface preparation. The coating obtained has an exceptionally long lifespan in very varied usage environments.

The advantages of galvanizing

  • An exceptionally long lifespan, often over 50 years.

  • Full external and internal protection as a result of complete immersion of the galvanized parts in the molten zinc.

  • Sacrificial protection in the event of damage to the coating, thanks to the galvanic effect produced between the steel and zinc.

  • Unique resistance to impact and abrasion since the zinc is metallurgically bonded to the steel.

  • Price performance - unrivalled time to first maintenance thanks to the zinc’s very low corrosion rate.