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Galva eclair

GALVA ECLAIR is the largest hot-dip galvanization site in France in terms of galvanized volume.

Your part dimensions

GALVA ECLAIR offers you one of the largest baths in Europe:

  • Working length: 16,000

  • Working width: 2,000

  • Working depth: 3,200

This galvanisation line, with its exceptional dimensions, can handle large parts in the best possible conditions.

Galva Eclair 1

At your service all year round

GALVA ECLAIR’s 130 employees work continuously, without any summer or winter site closures, to bring you the service you expect throughout the year.

Overall offer

To meet your demands for solutions to prevent wet storage stains (white rust), GALVA ECLAIR has invested in very high capacity passivation facility.

In partnership with DECOGALVA, the powder coating specialist located in the same industrial complex, GALVA ECLAIR also allows you to benefit from the GALVA UNION group’s full range of galvanizing + powder coating treatments and can transfer your batches directly to the powder coating site.

Transport – Logistics – Storage

Our GALVA ECLAIR trucks cover a wide area extending in central France, providing removal and delivery of your parts to be galvanized.

GALVA ECLAIR also offers indoor and outdoor storage capacity for your parts to be galvanized, as well as any customized services you might require, such as loading containers.

Sustainable Development

GALVA ECLAIR is the first galvanization plant in France to have achieved triple certification: 9001-14001-18001. GALVA ECLAIR has also analysed its carbon footprint.

Always striving to serve you better, GALVA ECLAIR has been continually investing in its industrial processes since 2002, providing you with modern, safe, compliant and efficient facilities.

Galva Eclair



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