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Since 1982, GALVA 45 has developed recognised expertise in hot-dip galvanizing, in close partnership with JOURDAIN establishments, a worldwide leader in livestock accommodation.

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Close to you

GALVA 45 is located 80 km south of Paris, near Orléans, between the A6 and A10 motorways and served by an exit off the A19.

Your part dimensions

The GALVA 45 facilities can treat a wide variety of manufactured parts against corrosion: small or medium-length, complex geometry and large or small series parts are galvanized on automated production lines designed specifically for them.

GALVA 45 has four automated galvanizing lines, with 5 baths of different lengths using two kinds of special zinc alloys.
The parts to be protected are treated in the different baths according to their type, length, the reactivity of their steel and the desired coating characteristics.

Working dimensions of the galvanization baths

Main applications

Automobile lines 3m: 2 baths 3000 x 1400  x 2000 Automobile
Line 5m: 1 bath 5000 x 1400 x 2200 Large series parts
Line 8m: 1 bath 8000 x 1800 x 3000 Medium-length parts
Centrifuge galvanizing: 1 bath 2000 x 1100 x 1200 Small parts (<300mm)
Galva 45 Illustration

Transport – Logistics – Storage

GALVA 45 has set up a transportation service throughout the south of the Ile de France, to facilitate galvanizing for your convenience.

Storage halls are available to protect your items from adverse weather after galvanizing.

Automated finishing and mechanical assembly

In an ongoing effort to keep pace with the requirements of the automotive industry, GALVA 45 has invested in robots and equipped its workstations to automate certain services:

  • Boring and tapping interventions

  • Press stud fitting

  • Setting of nuts and screws




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