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Quality Assurance Services and Experts’ Studies

  • Assistance/Consultation package during the design and development phase: taking into account the specific requirements of the end customer’s CCTP in compliance with the requirements of the 14713-2 standard; Prototype handling; Assistance in formalizing a quality plan; factory reception of prototype with inspection report.

  • Provision of a Certificate of Compliance (NF 10204 Model 2.1).
    Document without validation not including test results..

  • Provision of a Compliance Report (in accordance with the NF 10204 standard, Model 3.1)
    Validated document which contains the results of normative tests and possibly specific tests requested by the client. CO² evaluation of batch processing.

  • Provision of a full as-built technical file (compliance report model 3.1 + thickness statement + metrological chain).

  • Provision of a "zinc coating touch-up" kit (1 pot of zinc-rich paint + datasheet + service sheet + touch-up instructions + 1 paintbrush + 1 wire brush + 1pair of disposable gloves)

  • After-sale service package on-site intervention by an after sales service technician to touch up the coating. (Provision of a touch-up kit, metrological verification equipment, Intervention report, compliance report)

  • On-site expert analysis package Analysis of the ISO1461 standard criteria and issuing of an inspection report. (Provision of Elcometer metrological equipment for thickness/scratch statement or astm hammer for adhesion, drawing up an experts’ report)

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